At Captivate Artists, we've had the pleasure of working with some of the great community partners in the Bay Area.  As we continue to proudly present first-class artists from around the world - the historical Vienna Boys Choir, the sensational sibling-quintet The 5 Browns or the modern-day Victor Borge, funny classical music duo Igudesman & Joo - we'd love to invite you and your organization to be our Community Partner.  For many of you who've been with us before, WELCOME BACK!

Our vision is to create a positive environment that encourages the participation of arts and culture, making it more affordable to families and individuals.  As our Community Partner, members of your organization enjoy the following benefits*:



Qualifying organizations enjoy free upgrade in group tickets of 10 or more.  For example, for a event that has three price tiers ($60, $45, $35), our Community Partners can purchase the $60-seats for the price of $45 or $45-seats for $35.  This upgrade is better than any other discounts available for the general public.


No Convenience Fee.jpg

NO Convenience Fee

We all know about those unexpected convenience fee (up to $9 per ticket) every time you go to a show.  We simply eliminate this hassle for ourCommunity Partners.  There is NO Ticket Convenience Fee whether it's $2 or $10.  It is our goal to make every one of our shows as accessible as possible for everyone.




For NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS that purchase 50 tickets or more at each event, Captivate Artists will make a donation of $250 to their cause.  We believe that non-profit organizations - arts, social and humanity - have a very unique place and valuable function in our society. This is our way to give back.



We have set up a special hotline 408-421-0312 to work with you.  Please note that our Community Partners must call this number to qualify.  Our wonderful community guru Katie will answer your questions and take your order over the phone.  You can always call back and add to your group order.  Please also feel free to email us at if you have any question.

See you at our shows!


Captivate Artists

*Community Partnership Program benefits may vary by shows and are subject to change without prior notice.