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GET TO KNOW Jeeyoon Kim

One of our favorite artists Captivate Artists has presented during the past few years is Jeeyoon Kim (Cupertino, CA and Carnegie Hall in New York). Take a quick tour into Jeeyoon's remarkable journey as a pianist - from the conception of her latest album 10 More Minutes to the everyday inspirations that shape her artistic world. We've been drawn to her creative presentation of music and "beautiful control of the instrument, superior technique, and all of that emotion shows up in her sound as well as watching her..." - Gary Walters, performing artist and jazz pianist. And did we mention this multi-talented musician even graced the cover of Swimmer magazine a few years back? Get to know Jeeyoon HERE >>>

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NOW BOOKING: Yuri Liberzon

A classical guitarist with uncompromising sound and skills, Yuri Liberzon has been a hidden gem in the San Francisco Bay Area. “If there were anyone in the classical guitar world that could manage to combine musical elegance with architectural logic, it would be Yuri Liberzon," proclaimed Classical Guitar Magazine (2015). Find out more about Yuri HERE >>>